Monday, May 2, 2011

New planted tank pics and Emerse growth!

Here is what my tank looks like right now, all taken by my shitty phone camera.  The long stem you see growing across my tank is actually the flowering stalk of one of my sword plants.

Close up of the Melon Sword

 Right bellow it is Cryptocoryne Parva

here is the close up of the carpet plant.. can you spot the cherry shrimp? If you are curious, the carpet plant i use is marsilea minuta and Marsilea hirsuta, with hirsuta being twice as big as minuta.

Cryptocoryne Parva growing emersed outside, curious to see if they would look different growing out of the water, I also have marsilea minuta and hirsuta growing outside emersed also but that surprise is for later. (for some reason google thinks the word emerse is wrong..

here is the tank outside my ghetto yard, its completely covered and in the shade to block direct sunlight which can quickly bring the temperature inside the tank to 100+ degrees.


  1. Those are some really nice plants. :D

  2. I dont see the Cryptocoryne Parva around here a lot

  3. really nice tank and plants m8