Monday, May 2, 2011

The amature planted tank hobbyish

With the increase interest in planted tank I decide to set up this blog to showcase my experiments and progress of my planted tank growth.

Progress of my main planted tank I have in the kitchen, its been up since February.

This picture is about a month old, the tank look much better now.  I have a immersed growth project outside, and will have pictures of its progress in a few days.


  1. What kind of fish are you housing in that bad boy?

  2. 12 norman lampeyes

    5 harlequins

    5 cardinals

    and some cherry shrimp.

    the cardinals, harlequins are gone.. all that is left is the lampeyes fry's, i will post update tomorrow with videos too.

  3. i love aquarium fish. i really love bettas but it sucks i can't mix males with other males cuz they'll just tear each other apart.

  4. Worst thing is always the cleaning :(

  5. Whoa..looks really cool. I hear that if you put snails? or something like that it cleans without you needing to do too much